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"Read this very fine book for its wisdom, its unswerving candor, for the enduring imagistic liturgy it distills...."
*Joseph Bathanti, North Carolina Poet Laureate (2012-2014) and author of Light at the Seam

"You can feel the poet’s mind here, flying over this book’s landscape like the shadow of a flock of birds...."

  * Keith Flynn, author of The Skin of Meaning and editor of The Asheville Poetry Review 

"If Not These Things offers a clear and tender eye for unexpected correspondences which rise, like whales in suburban lawns, from the quotidian...." 

  * Catherine Carter, author of Larvae of the Nearest Star  and winner of the James Applewhite Poetry Prize

"These poems have great range--from the absolutely delightful, such as 'Sign People,' to the wrenchingly poignant, such as 'After the Doctor Said No'.... This is a terrific collection."

--Amazon Reviewer

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